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I’m Cristian.

I am an Atlanta-based website designer and developer,
helping brands grow online since 2001.







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Mercedes-Benz Stadium

Honoree: Best User Experience

Honoree: Best Home/Welcome Page

Nominee: Best Sports Website 2018



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How I Build My Products

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Fast & Lightweight

Load speed can make or break a website. The average load time for a mobile page in 2020 was a disastruous 11.4 seconds. Because I create solutions that are tailored to each product’s requirements, I eliminate bloat by including everything the product requires and nothing more.

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Responsive by Default

Due to more people browsing from home in 2020, mobile website visits dropped to 55%. Still, odds are that the majority of your users are, and will continue to be, interacting with your site on a non-desktop device. I’ll make sure you’re ready.

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No Pre-Built Themes

I don’t do “templates.” For considerations of performance and product efficiency, every one of the sites I deliver is custom-built and designed for its unique requirements. I also don’t rely on page builders, as they invariably add dead weight to the final product.

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Minimal Reliance on Plugins

No sand castles. I program most of the required functionality from scratch, on top of a solid foundation theme I’ve built and improved in over a decade and a half of practice.

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Integrations Done Properly

YouTube, Google Analytics, MailChimp, HubSpot. These and many others have the potential to significantly impact your site’s speed and reduce its performance. By manually coding on-demand loading mechanisms for 3rd party integrations, I make sure your site keeps flying.

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Accessible to Everyone

54% of the adults living with a disability are online, and make up around 15% of website visitors. I design with everyone in mind. Every product I build undergoes WCAG and ADA compliance audits at several steps throughout the design process.


On & Off-Duty

I started designing in 1999, when Photoshop was at version 4. Long before I had any idea about basic UI principles, I knew all there was to know about working in a program with only one undo step.

In 2001, a year after I moved to the US, I became a professional designer. In 2003 I went full-time, and in 2004 I took up web programming. Since then, I’ve been designing and programming every working day of my life.

As for the non-working ones, I generally spend them climbing things.

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