Sometimes, things just don’t work. For a lot of us, the Covid era is one of those times. If I can make your life any easier by making you a new website, redesigning, upgrading, or fixing up an old one, or by providing any other website, design, or branding help, I would like to volunteer to do it free of charge.

This offer is open to anyone whose livelihood has been affected by the Coronavirus pandemic or is otherwise lacking the means[1][2] of paying for web services, and who thinks they could do with a proper website for a new start.

The offer is also open to public- or private-sector organizations doing meaningful social work[3].

What to Expect

You provide a good idea, your project requirements, as well as the necessary content and media, and I do the rest. For more details, have a look at the FAQs below.

What I Can Do for You

  • Site & App Design
  • Site Development
  • Information Architecture
  • Branding & Identity
  • Design System Creation & Management
  • UX Research & Strategy
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Web Marketing Research & Strategy
  • Email Design & Programming
  • E-commerce
  • Site Maintenance
  • Web Hosting
  • Digital Security Consultancy
  • Digital Privacy Consultancy


Nothing. Just provide clear requirements for the job. Know what you need. And if you think I did good work and someone ever asks you, I’d like it if you said so.

No. Unless you’ll hit my servers with massive traffic, storage, and so on. Then you’ll have to either sort out hosting on your own or pay me for it.

No. You will get the same quality and process I deliver on any other job. The only difference will be the timeline (see below). For everything you will get and a description of my production process, read this.

The day job takes precedence; I like to sleep indoors. So it might take a bit longer than normal. It also depends on the type of product you want delivered. That said, if all you need is a standard marketing site, and you have the requirements and content in order, I should still be able to deliver in a matter of weeks.

First, get in touch with me using the form at the bottom of this page. If you’d like to email or leave me a voice message, my contact info is at the top on this page.

Then, once we get started, you’ll need to line up the project goals, requirements, content and necessary materials. If you get those right in the first try it will save us a lot of time. I will provide you with guidance on how to achieve this, as well as teach you industry-standard procedure and give you standard intake templates.

Yes. You will sign my standard development contract. It basically says you own the product, you’re on your own if your content causes any problem to anyone, and you won’t be able to hold me responsible for the way in which you use the tool I make for you. The only difference from the standard contract will be that the Compensation section will specify that your cost will be $000.

Treat me like any other contractor. Make sure I can deliver what you need. Do what needs to be done to make an informed decision. For my part, I will not treat you as anything other than an ordinary paying client.

Yes. Everyone is, as they should be, free to volunteer at will.

The Small Print

  1. There will be no means-testing involved, but if you don’t fall into the hardship category, I’ll know. If you try to abuse this service, you’ll waste time I could be spending helping people who actually need help. You would, in effect, be stealing from people who are hurting, and that pisses me off. Don’t try it. My job is the Internet, and a big part of that job is “heavy research”. I’ve been at it for over twenty years, and cousin, believe you me, I’m freaky-good at it. My point is, you’re on my manor. Your “SEO & marketing guru” won’t even know the name of what just happened. If you want to ever do business online again, don’t play. You will lose.
  2. This offer is not valid for:
    • Nazis. Fuck nazis. That goes for closeted nazis too. I’ll know; see footnote 1
    • Creators of bullshit jobs
    • Religious organizations that are not directly involved in concrete material social work
    • “Wellness” professionals, “leadership coaches”, “spiritual leaders” and hippies
  3. By necessity, I will have to be the subjective judge of meaningfulness. But odds are you’re getting what I’m trying to say by now. If you do, and you think we’re on the same page, please get in touch.

 404 487 8657

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